Software Development

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Software Development

We at Brightness Group have always been looking for new challenges to test our software development skills and expertise. We have already mentioned that our development crown jewel Mr Signage is based on open source software. This means that we have plenty of room for custom development and adjustments according to our client’s requests and desires.

Our motto is that there is always something we can do to improve current solutions and efficiency. If your software doesn’t meet your expectations and needs, then Brightness Group development team is the right address for you. Our software development services include the following: website development, web shops and apps, virtual and augmented reality.

How it works

Our software development work begins with the thorough research work. We want to hear it from you. What do you need and expect to get as a result. Then, we get down to the creative development work. While we work we will stay in touch and communicate all the time. Before we present the results of our work to you, we will make sure that we test our solutions properly.

Based on your feedback we will conduct additional adjustments and changes. Even when your software is ready and running, we will make sure that everything runs smoothly and as expected. Maintenance and support services are also part of our software development work. So, put our development skills to the test and see what we can do for your business.

WordPress Websites Development

It goes without saying that WordPress is the most popular and widely used platform for websites and blogs. The great thing about WordPress is that is free to use. The catch is that you need skillful developers to customize it according to your wishes. This is where our software development team jumps in.

Customized WordPress Themes

The power of WordPress lies in an impressive abundance of available themes you can use for your website. Again, you need a pair of skillful developer’s hands to customize a theme you like the most. There are also quite a few plugins we are going to help you with.

Custom Development At Its Finest

It is understandable that so many people opt for instant and one size fits them all approach. It is easier and cheaper that way, but you don’t get what you really want and need for your business. You deserve a website that is perfectly suited for your specific needs. Brightness Group has mastered the art of successful and efficient website customization.

Your Website is Your Business ID

It is quite simple. If you want a professional website, then you have to hire pros to take care of it the right way. The very first and often the most important impression about your business is based on your website. This is something Brightness Group can help you with.

Get Your Business Online

Nowadays, it is hard to imagine a business that is not suitable for online presence and improvement. Webshops represent an excellent opportunity for your business to grow and develop. So, take an advantage of it. Brightness Group has a proven track record of providing scalable and reliable webshop solutions for all industries and all business sizes.

Our WooCommerce developers are specialized in building, customizing and implementing the WooCommerce platform. We have a great understanding of WooCommerce plug-ins and extensions, along with some essential components for e-commerce, including UX and interaction design. Having years of experience with WooCommerce, we can provide you a custom solution that makes your eCommerce storefront stand out from your competitors.
PSD to WooCommerce :
Our WooCommerce consultants are able to convert all your PSD files in to WooCommerce and create robust online store according to our client’s specification.

Magento Your Next Best eCommerce Friend

Magento is a powerful and rewarding open source platform perfectly suited for eCommerce businesses. Brightness Group recommends Magento to its clients as a flexible solution that offers a great administrative support. There’s no eCommerce task Magento can’t perfectly solve for your business.

Brightness Group can help you with Magento installation, configuration, and third-party apps integration. In addition, our Magento expert developers can fully customize and automate your ordering process. We can also make sure that the eCommerce themes you choose are perfectly designed and integrated. There are so many things Magento can do for your online business. Our Magento developers can take you one step forward to clearly stand apart from your competitors.

Web Applications

Brightness Group has devoted a great deal of attention and resources to development of web applications. They represent an excellent opportunity for your business to communicate and engage with your customers and users. Our web applications development team will make sure that solutions we create in this field match your expectations. All you have to do is choose a platform or browser you want us to create a web application for. Our web application developers will get right on it. Before we launch it for real, we will thoroughly check and test it. In addition, we will allow you plenty of time and opportunitie for adjustments according to your needs and expectations.

Custom Web Applications

Every business can benefit a great deal from using web applications. The trouble is that you are not using their full potential because these applications are not customized to suit your specific needs and requirements. This is the moment when our web application development team jumps in to help you with their skills and expertise. We will carefully evaluate your current situation and your specific business needs. What you will get as a result of our work will be a web application perfectly tailored to your unique business situation and requirements. As soon as you start using a fully customized web application you will realize how effective and useful it can be. There is really no need to waste time and resources on web applications that don’t provide what your business needs when you can have a unique solution created especially for your business.


We live in an extremely competitive business world where you have to work really hard to stay ahead of your competitors. Brightness Group understands this unavoidable fact when it comes to its clients. One of the ways to ensure your competitive advantage in the market is to reduct costs.

Offshoring represents an option Brightness Group offers to its clients. When you want to make sure that your budget plan is strictly followed we can turn to our offshore development team in India for help and assistance. Our developers in India can get you what your business needs for a fraction of the cost. Let us face it. The whole world is offshoring, so why should your business be an exception?


When necessary and required by our clients, Brightness Group uses the services of its offshore development team in India. It is worth emphasizing the importance of making a clear distinction between offshoring and outsourcing. When you outsource your work this means that you involve third parties who don’t have to be necessarily part of your team or organization. With offshoring we have a completely different situation. Our offshore team in India is a part of our company and we are in full control of their work and activities. You will get all the results and quality of work as if they were working in our head office. There is no other difference except for the one that matters the most to our clients and that is the price itself.

Online Marketing

Nowadays every business needs online or digital marketing to be successful. Brightness Group Internet marketing team has all it takes for your business to promote and attract new customers online. We cover all major and most efficient online marketing tools your business can benefit from.


Search Engine Optimization or SEO helps your website appear among the top search results at the first Google page. Brightness Group uses only proven and legitimate White Hat techniques and tools that guarantee long lasting and reliable results for your business. Our SEO team will work on your website’s organic search results that will maximize your online presence. We will make sure that your website uses the most effective keywords relevant for your business. We will get your website where you want it to be in Google search results.


Search Engine Advertising or SEA is closely associated with the paid advertising. Brightness Group online marketing team recognizes the specific needs of its clients and supports them with the most suitable solutions. When our client has more time at its disposal than available budget, then we opt for the SEO. On the other hand, if the time is your absolute priority, then we recommend SEA to our clients.

Social Media

It has become quite obvious that social media platforms are the most powerful promotion tools. Social media is where your business should be and promote itself. Based on your requirements and expectations, we will come up with the most suitable social media campaign. Together, we will make sure that your investment in social media pays itself off beyond your most optimistic expectations.

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

Brightness Group embraces the new technologies with great enthusiasm and full commitment. We understand that the only way for ensuring a business success is to always stay one step ahead of your competition. VR or Virtual Reality and AR Augmented Reality offer so many new exciting opportunities for your business. You can use the VR to improve the user’s experience of your customers. And, you can take an advantage of the AR to promote your business by implementing digital elements into the real world. Brightness Group is one of the proud pioneers in this field and it waits impatiently you call to show you what both VR and AP can do for your business.

Mixed Reality

While the other companies are still exploring the concepts of VR and AR, we can tell you that Brightness Group has already been there. Now, we are already exploring the next big thing called the Mixed Reality or MR. Brightness Group explores the world of exciting opportunities introduced by a revolutionary concept of Microsoft HoloLens. There are very few companies that are able to provide your with practical application opportunities for your business with the help of MS HoloLens. Brightness Group is one of them. We can build the future of computing together. Mixed Reality and Microsoft HoloLens are the next big thing in technology. Your business deserves to be a part of it.

Software Development

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