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Digital Signage / Our Software

We at Brightness Group are always looking for effective and affordable ways to help our clients achieve their business goals. We can say that the digital signage represents the crown jewel of our development work. Our team has developed something really amazing and unique in this field. We named this state-of-the-art digital signage solution – Mr Signage.

Mr Signage is an excellent choice for businesses that are looking forward to improving their brand awareness and strengthening relationship with the end customers. In this section of our website you can find additional information about our digital signage solution and know-how. We are here to assist and support you every step of your digital signage journey.

Nowadays, you can find countless providers of digital signage services. However, very few can ensure the following benefits and advantages for your business:

  • Our Mr Signage is an in-house and open source software solution, which makes it surprisingly easy to use and maintain;
  • We have developed a web-based CMS (Content Management System) that supports both Windows and Android platforms;
  • You can begin using Mr Signage firstly through a free trial option. Also you have nothing to worry about because we will train your staff to use it properly;
  • We have designed Mr Signage to fit any company and business size;
  • We also provide the underlying services, such as custom development, display hardware, monitoring, support, SLAs and a help-desk;
  • Mr Signage can be easily controlled and managed remotely, including an amazing flexibility and adaptability;
  • We invested a great deal of effort that our users can use the system that remains consistent across all platforms and locations;


The list of features Brightness Group includes in its solutions is an impressive one. When it comes to our client’s satisfaction we try to be as flexible and user-friendly as much as possible. Here are the features you can expect to get as our users.

Our genuine digital signage solution called Mr Signage includes the following features:

  • We made it to be surprisingly simple to use and adjust;
  • Forget about expensive client’s fees;
  • We have provided an appropriate media support for images and videos;
  • Our clients highly appreciate our feature that includes a huge free plugins collection;
  • You can use a live preview and connect all devices in no time;
  • Our features allow you to use multiple layers;
  • We should also mention user’s permission tools and special sorting tools adjusted for all types of content;

When it comes to player-related features we can mention the following:

  • Thanks to a fact that the Android client is built from scratch, you can update it with no need to upgrade the app itself;
  • Our features take care of player’s crashes. Don’t worry because a player will reboot and restore to the previous state;
  • The APP is supported by all Android platforms beginning with the version 4.4.
  • You literally need a couple of seconds to install a player;

We have prepared some quite useful features for resellers too:

  • You can reach all of your clients from one dashboard;
  • You can bill your clients yourself or allow us to take care of it, in which case you will get a reseller’s commission;
  • You can expect an unlimited 24/7 support as a reseller;
  • There are also white labels, free training, and sales-related advice for resellers;

Custom Development

The great thing about Brightness Group is that we will always go an extra mile to meet our client’s expectations and demands. This means that custom modifications and adjustments are something you can expect when working with us. We are appreciating all good ideas for plugins adjustments, which can meet your specific requirements. Our team will try to make the impossible until both parties are fully satisfied.

When it comes to our custom work there are no impossible tasks for us to handle. There’s always room for improvements and custom adjustments.



Here’s a quick overview of benefits you can expect to gain from our custom development work:

  • We can create custom solutions that work on any device and platform;
  • You can even create your own plugins. On our website you can see some of our custom made plugins to get both an idea and inspiration;
  • We can also connect your software or database according to your requirements;
  • In case you need to automate content to displays or include SoC (System on Chip) solutions, we can take care of these too;
  • As a part of our custom work we can include an AR/VR connection;
  • Special content creation, which includes a 3D Unity, also comes with our custom solutions;
  • In our custom work we give an advantage to open source solutions that are flexible and easy to maintain;
  • We can also make it possible for you to connect third party hardware/software (queeing);
  • Let’s not forget to mention API connectors, white labeling, and custom CMS;
  • We can integrate facial recognition solutions, NFC, RFID, QR, Bluetooth, and so much more;


The great thing about our CMS (Content Management System) is that it allows our digital signage software to support all types of content, such as images, video, XML, api feeds, and similar. In addition, we can develop fully customized plugins that allow our clients to automate content for all screens they are using. These custom made plugins are quite easy to install and use. You can later customize the content even further to suit you perfectly or you can contact us to assist you additionally.

Our team will prove that the claim “content is the king” works for real for your business. We will also provide you with an option to get regular content updates through a subscription model. At our disposal we have an abundance of free plugins you can use for forecast, stock, traffic info, and similar.


Content components of our Mr Signage software provides numerous benefits for our users. Let us mention some of the most important ones:

  • We provide consultancy services regarding marketing and communication requirements for your displays;
  • Our in-house designers are ready to assist you if you have any requirements regarding custom templates and animations;
  • We can also create special custom animation on your request;
  • The effects between content elements are already integrated in our CMS;

We are ready to meet any expectation regarding the content you plan to display to your target audience.


It is not an exaggeration to say that every industry or business can benefit immensely from the digital signage software solutions. At the same time, we have all necessary experience and resources to address each industry or business type individually in order to maximize the effectiveness of our Mr Signage.

Let us mention some of the industries that have embraced our digital signage solutions the right way. Rest assured that this list goes on and on.


Nowadays, retail systems rely on the digital signage technology in increasing their brands awareness and strengthening customer’s loyalty. We have helped numerous retailers attract new customers by influencing the purchaser’s choices with our solutions.


We are proud with the results of our work that enabled numerous restaurants to significantly improve the quality of the optimal user’s experience.


There are numerous ways your company can use the digital signage solutions to improve its competitive advantage. For instance, you can deliver important corporate messages to your employees in real time regardless of their location. Or you can ensure a jaw-dropping visual impact for your business partners and customers.


There are no limits for our digital signage solutions and education facilities are an excellent example to support this claim. Both communication and interaction have achieved a completely new quality level in numerous learning and educational environments we were able to improve with Mr Signage.


We at Brightness Group are team players above all. This means that we are willing to invest additional time and resources in helping our clients master the digital signage technology the right way. For this particular purpose we have included training as a part of our offer. You may be a newbie or an expert user when it comes to the field of digital signage. Nevertheless, in both cases we are ready to help you learn something new and useful about this great solution. The great thing about our training services is the fact that we are flexible when it comes to the payment. You can choose to pay based on an hourly rate or a fixed price.


When it comes to the future training of our respectful clients we are prepared to suit you the best way. This means that we conduct your training in our facilities or we can do it remotely while you enjoy the comfort of your office or home. We provide both training for users of our solutions and also for the administrators who are supposed to adjust the content and all available features. We can offer CMS training that is oriented toward the default users. On the other hand, we can also organize technical training that is an excellent choice for your staff with the previous knowledge about coding and servers.

Support and Service Level Agreement

We at Brightness Group are fully aware that the quality service goes hand-in-hand with a reliable support. Therefore, we made sure that our clients get 24/7 support when they need it the most. When possible and the location of our clients allow it, we are ready to provide you with in-house support. In other cases, our remote support team will provide you with all guidance and support you need to successfully use our solutions.

You are free to choose the support type that is the most suitable for your business. For instance, you can opt for a phone, email, Skype, or in person support. We can also provide you with very useful videos that include all instructions you need to use our solutions quickly and easily.


The scope of our support work and activities is regulated by the Service Level Agreement, you will get and sign as our user. This means that you can have a peace of mind because you know our support team is watching over you. In addition, the great thing about our support and SLA is that we have prepared custom solutions for specific user’s environments, such as airports, companies, education facilities, etc. We also paid a great deal attention to the emergency procedures.

Our support team can be quite flexible. We understand that unwanted events can’t be always predicted or avoided. However, we can do our very best to act quickly and fix all the things you ask from us to go on with your business the way you want it to be done in the first place.


Brightness Group has always been a win-win deal maker. We are constantly looking for new resellers all over the world that share our passion and values for quality software solutions and the full commitment. This is an invitation to become a reseller of Mr Signage. Being a reseller of our digital signage solutions can present an excellent business opportunity for you. This industry has been constantly growing and expanding. We have every reason to believe that the digital signing market will double its value in the next couple of years. This fact should be more than enough for you to decide of becoming our reseller.

It is worth mentioning that our reselling model can perfectly suit every business and industry regardless of their size or complexity. At the same time, you can promote and sell Mr Signing with a peace of mind because you know that you have found a reliable and trustworthy business partner in Brightness Group.


When it comes to our resellers, we treat with respect and reward adequately. There’s a list of benefits you can expect to gain as our reseller:

  • You can expect our unlimited support 24/7;
  • You will get all training and sales advice you need to succeed in your reselling activities;
  • Brightness Group supports hundreds of available payment options, so feel free to choose or suggest the most suitable one for you;
  • We can always find a way to adjust a logo, colors, or other brand’s elements your company uses;

You are also free to create and manage your own pricing policy the way you like it.


When it comes to the most sensitive part of every business relationship and services, we at Brightness Group are fully transparent about our pricing policies. This means that you, as our client, have not to worry about hidden costs. This is not the way we do our business. We want you to appreciate our services and pay for the value you get in return. We are always looking for new ways to find a healthy balance between competitive prices and top quality of services we provide.


Having in mind that our software solutions are open source, you should know that our prices are determined by the support level you require and expect from us. This is actually good news for our users. You pay for the real value of services you get. When a particular service is fully customized according to your expectations and requirements, then you won’t have a problem paying for it because you are paying for a practical value we bring to your business.

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